13th International Whitehead Conference

Whitehead and the History of Philosophy
Munich, Germany
26.-29. July 2023

Mission Statement

Deadline postponed to April 14th (01:00am UTC+00:00 London).

Alfred North Whitehead developed his process philosophy with an explicit reliance on the value of the history of philosophy. While the trend of recent years has often suggested that different approaches to philosophical problems can be adequately categorized, using the dichotomy of purely systematic or purely historical interests, Whitehead offers an equally historically informed and systematically intended perspective.

This conference is dedicated to the philosophical-historical dimension in Whitehead’s oeuvre on the one hand and to its systematic relevance for numerous areas of research on the other hand.

Interested scholars are cordially invited to submit an abstract of no more than 400 words until the 1st April.

Covid Info

The conference will be an in-person conference. Since the Corona/Covid situation is so volatile and restrictions tend to change, please make sure to follow the rules which apply, i.e. hygiene, masks, vaccination etc.


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Munich School of Philosophy