Invited Speakers

The following keynote speakers have confirmed their attendance:

  • Michael Halewood (Essex): “Whitehead on the Importance of Character. Some thoughts on the Extensive Continuum and the Reality of Relativity.”
  • Christopher Hasty (Harvard): “Close Readings of (Musical) Art as Experiments in Process-Thinking”
  • Catherine Keller (Drew): “’This Discordant Multiplicity of Actual Things‘: Whitehead’s Transdisciplinary Philosophy amidst Climate Crisis”
  • Barbara Muraca (Oregon): “Relational Values: a Whiteheadian approach to rethinking biodiversity”
  • Stascha Rohmer (Medellín): „Die Evolution der Werte. Whiteheads theoretische Grundlegung der Kultur“
  • Maria-Teresa Teixeira (Coimbra): “The end of materialism and the civilisational crisis”